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TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd.

Teldor's Product Warranty

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Warranty Applicable to Products Sold by Teldor Cables & Systems Ltd. (“Teldor")

1. Teldor warrants that the products, under normal use, shall meet in all material respects the specifications of Teldor for such products as reflected in the respective Teldor Data Specifications Sheet, for the following periods of time from the time of completion of production (the “Warranty Period”):
A Warranty Period of 2 years shall apply to the products expressly listed below only:
  • Data transmission cables with 100 Ω characteristic impedance, made of twisted pairs, designated as Category 5, Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6A, Category 7, Category 7A, or "Category 8"
  • Data transmission cables made of optical fibers
  • Instrumentation, Control and signal cables made of copper conductors
  • Telecom cables made of twisted pairs of copper conductors
  • Low voltage electric power cables
  • Coaxial, Twinaxial and Triaxial cables
  • Electronic and Audio cables for analog and/or digital transmission
  • Industrial Ethernet or Industrial BUS cables
A Warranty Period of one year shall apply to all products, other than those expressly listed above.

2. Teldor warrants further that at the time of delivery the products shall be adequately contained, packed and labeled and conform in all material respects to statements made by Teldor on any container packaging or label.

3. Under no circumstances shall Teldor be liable for any repair or replacement needed in whole or in part (i) as a result of inappropriate environment, improper storage, transportation, handling, installation, use, removal, modification, maintenance or repair, negligence or fault, by any party other than by Teldor; or (ii) as a result of accident.

4. During the Warranty Period Teldor shall, at Teldor’s discretion, either repair, replace or give credit for the purchase price of, any defective products found to fail to comply with this Warranty and returned by the Buyer to Teldor. In no event shall Teldor be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price received by Teldor for the product. Teldor shall acquire the ownership of all the products that have been replaced or given credited for. This Warranty shall also apply to the repaired or replacement part during the remaining portion of the Warranty Period, if any.

5. This Warranty applies only if (i) Teldor has received a written notice from the Buyer giving details of the defective item before the end of the Warranty Period, (ii) Teldor has been afforded a reasonable opportunity to inspect the item in question, and (iii) the Buyer has provided at its expense all assistance and support needed by Teldor to fulfill its obligations under this Warranty.

6. To the extent permitted by applicable law, this Warranty is exclusive and constitutes the entire warranty and liability of Teldor with respect to the products, and all other warranties or liabilities imposed or implied by statute, law or custom are explicitly excluded. In no circumstances shall Teldor have any liability for consequential or indirect loss or damage no matter how arising, or of any loss arising out or in connection with the ability or inability to use the products. Teldor expressly excludes liability for all costs associated with the installation of the replacement items, the removal of the items being removed, and the repair of defective items other than at Teldor’s premises.

The full description of the terms, conditions and limitations of the Teldor warranty are agreed on a case-by-case basis.