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TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd.

New BC Ferry Launched with Teldor Fire-Resistant cables

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The Salish Orca is the first of 3 British Columbia (Canada) ferries recently commissioned and launched to sail between Vancouver and Victoria BC.

Built in the Remontowa yards of Gdansk Shipbuilding in Poland, the Salish Orca has been especially fitted with Teldor cables from its highly certified line of Offshore products. Copper twisted-pair Computer & LAN cables as well as FiberOptic cables all meeting the most stringent Fire-Resistant standards have been installed alongside additional FieldBUS cables suited for the maritime environment.
The Salish Orca is a 130 m long vessel that will service the 2-hour trip between the two cities.
Teldor is proud to have been selected to provide cables for this prestigious project.