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TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd.

Teldor's "Easy-Strip" OSP FiberOptic cables

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Teldor continues to lead the way in quality, innovation and service, while constantly adapting its products to arising needs of the market and its customers.
Recent innovations in our complete line of armored, dry fibroptic (OSP) cables have optimized their suitability to installation methods common in long fiber links.
Teldor's Easy-Strip Cables save considerable time and costs during installation and enable quick and easily connectorization. Our MDPE/LLDPE jackets allow for maximum flexibility while enabling rapid and effortless stripping from the corrugated steel armor beneath. These unique qualities are the perfect combination for installers using figure-8 coils for pulling into ducts and conduits who need to quickly and easily strip off the cable jacket afterwards.
Additionally, use of the Easy-Strip technology along with our unique, flexible gel-free loose tubes is the best system offered in the market today to achieve simple, rapid and reliable mid-span retraction of tubes and fibers.
For more information please contact Rick Jameson
Business Development Manager
Teldor Cables USA
21 Tater Street
Mont Vernon NH03057
Phone 603-533-9391