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TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd.

Teldor and Business Partners host ITC 2013 -

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Tel Aviv - November 26th, 2013

Once again, Teldor Cables & Systems, along with its business partners: Rit Technologies and Contech, hosted the annual event of the cabling infrastructure industry in Israel, The Infrastructure Technologies Conference (ITC 2013) held in Tel Aviv.
The conference's opening address was given by Moti Chen, Teldor's VP of Marketing and Business Development, as well as by representatives from Rit Technologies and Contech.
Attended by a record-breaking audience of over 250 of the market's leading network planners, integrators and consultants, ITC 2013 featured Teldor's leading experts who spoke on Next Generation (Cat. 8.1/ Cat. 8.2) twisted pair cabling suitable for Power over Ethernet Plus, performance of cables during fire scenarios and relevant testing methods, and recent developments in optical fibers and FberOptic networks.
We are happy to make the files of the presentations available to our customers.
To download a presentation (in Hebrew), please click on one of the following links: 
Jacob Ben-Ary - Next Generation Twisted Pair Infrastructure: Cat. 8.1/Cat. 8.2 and PoE+
Kobi Haggai - Managing Data Centers by the Standards
Ze'ev Mazal - Cable Performance in Various Fire Scenarios and Test Methods
Kobi Haggai - Modular FiberOptic Infrastructures