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TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd.

Teldor's Portable Deployment Solution

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Teldor Cables and Systems has launched a line of Portable Deployment Solutions. These products can be ordered as "stand-alone" cables or as pre-assembled systems (on portable "roll-packs") produced in cooperation with some of the world's leading connector and deployment pack manufacturers. The cables are intended for multiple and/or rapid deployment in military/tactical applications, in the industrial environment and in the entertainment industry.

One of the great advantages of this new line is the option of anti-rodent armor that doesn't affect the cable's flexibility while maintaining reduced outer diameter and weight. The effectiveness of this flexible armor has been proven in an academic research paper published by Haifa University. These cables have been designed to perform in an extremely broad temperature range and endure in the most extreme of surroundings.

All of Teldor's Portable Deployment Solution cables have been installed and are fully functional both in Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) and security agencies as well as in additional military bodies across the globe.

The Portable Deployment Solution includes:

Tactical Cables for data-communication along twisted copper pairs - for example:

FiberOptic cables covering all fiber types and counts both in tight buffer distribution and Breakout designs - for example:

Custom designed customer/system specific Hybrid cables (combining FiberOptic and copper conductors) - for example:

Please contact us for any additional information on additional products of Teldor's Portable Deployment Solution, quotes or for custom design services.